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KOVAN M.I. among the "100 greatest in BiH"


Electric Power Industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has achieved total revenue of 885.087.550 KM for the last year, is the first on the prestige list “100 greatest in BIH”, which is published annually by the Business magazine, issued by the Business press.

The second company on the list is ASA Prevent Group, with total revenue of 730.181.633 KM, while BH Telecom has achieved total revenue of 600.848.436 KM for the last year. The awards were handed over by the president of the BiH Business Association, Nihad Imamović.

The project “100 greatest in BiH” was crowned today in the Sarajevo hotel Bosnia with a gala ceremony, where the leading BiH companies were awarded for their achieved results for the year 2010.

Apart from the traditional “100 greatest in BiH” list; the Business magazine has also published rang-lists of the greatest large, middle and small businesses, which were ranged according to their total revenue, export, net income and investments for the year 2010.

The grouping ASA Prevent Sarajevo was proclaimed the greatest exporter for the year 2010, with exports worth 427.319.060 KM. On the following two places there are Aluminij Mostar (401.596.495 KM) and ArcelorMittal Zenica (284.816.000 KM).

Awards for the three largest companies according to net income for 2010 were handed over by the President of the Economic Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The awards were given to the following companies: BH Telecom Sarajevo (137.555.834 KM), Telecommunications Republika Srpska Banja Luka (108.358.780 KM) i JP Electro Industry HZ HB Mostar ( 40.746.515 KM).

Lists of the best companies according to investment were also composed, and the awards were given to the representative of the PI Electro Industry BiH Sarajevo (investment of 172.849.921 KM), BH Telecoma Sarajevo (149.476.255 KM) and Raiffeisen bank BiH Sarajevo (139.326.000 KM). The awards for this category were handed over by Jelica Grujić, director of the Agency for the Promotion of Foreign Investment in BiH- FIPA.

The Business magazine has also composed rang-lists of middle-sized businesses according to their total revenue for the year 2010. The first three places went to Mercator BH Sarajevo (187.557.810 KM), Bosnalijek Sarajevo(106.700.000 KM) and Sarajevski kiseljak from Kiseljaka ( 72.059.119 KM).

 The award was handed over by the Federal Minister for Business Development and Trade Sanjin Halimović, who also handed over awards to companies which belong to the category of middle-sized businesses, which have achieved the best export results. These companies include Bosnalijek Sarajevo (45.500.000 KM), Mann+Hummel BA Tešanj (38.398.299 KM) and Širbegović Gračanica (17.052.370 KM).

The companies who were pronounced the three best middle-sized companies according to their net income are Sarajevski kiseljak (7.785.559 KM), Bosnalijek (4.200.000 KM) Mann+Hummel BA (2.999.217 KM).

The Mrkulić Company from Sarajevo is the first in the category middle-sized businesses according to investment. This company has invested 10.892.356 KM in the last year; behind them are Bosnalijek Sarajevo which had 6.300.000 KM worth investments and Zvečevo – Lasta Čapljina which invested 5.815.345 KM.

On the rang-list of smaller businesses according to their total revenue for 2010 the first three places were taken by Viator&Vektor Sarajevo (5.535.474 KM), Kovan MI (4.649.696 KM) and Semikem Sarajevo (2.500.000 KM).

 The three small-sized companies who have achieved best results in export for the last year were Austronet Kozarac ( 1.607.622 KM), Viator&Vektor Sarajevo ( 1.256.675 KM) and Hasić drvo Gradačac ( 1.030.821 KM).

For their net income the following companies were awarded: first-placed Austronet with net income of 496.022 KM, second-placed Hasić drvo (294.791 KM), and third-placed Semikem (180.000 KM).

The first three small companies according to investment for the year 2010 are Blicdruk Sarajevo ( 330.000 KM), Vinarija Vukoje Trebinje ( 282.247 KM) and PTG Grand Busovača (225.000 KM).

Award for “The Best BH Product”

A novelty in the project “100 greatest in BiH” is the award for “The Best BH Product”, which was awarded to the company Violeta from Tomislavgrad.  The award was handed over by Admir Kapo, the President of NGO “Buy and use domestic quality products made in BiH”.

Special recognition

The “Silver Seal” is a special recognition of the Business magazine for overall business results, which includes successful privatization, contribution to the development of BiH economy and employment, as well as contribution to local communities, introduction of technologies which are in accordance with the highest European models. This year the company Metalno from Zenica was awarded with the “Silver Seal”.

The award was handed over to Nesib Mujeznović, the managing director of Metalno from Zenica, by Alena Ahmetspahić – Fočo, chief editor of the Business magazine.





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